Attention CenturyLink Tuition and Pathways Participants

Effective 5 p.m. CT Oct 2, GP Strategies will no longer process tuition reimbursements for CenturyLink. While CenturyLink makes its transition, there will be a blackout period where no reimbursements can be filed. During this blackout period (after 5 p.m. CT on October 2nd through November 2nd) tuition assistance users will not be able to submit new requests for reimbursement, including vouchers, or turn in grades and receipts for reimbursement. All tuition assistance requests and actions will be inaccessible from 5:01 p.m. CT on October 2nd through November 2nd.

For more information go to CenturyLink's Tuition Assistance page.

Thank you,

CenturyLink Tuition Service Center